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Low Price Inspection Temecula

If you were investing your money into an expensive car, you would definitely hire an experienced mechanic. Likewise, you would never want to do any less for your beautiful home. Are you looking for low price inspection Temecula?

Sometimes taking the lowest price, may just save a few dollars on the inspection fee, and possibly miss something costing you thousands of dollars. You would definitely want to contact a qualified, certified inspector, with many years of experience for the low price inspection Temecula.

Sierra Spec

I have been in construction my whole adult life and have built dozens of houses. Along with room additions, remodels, and repairs on several homes. I have worked in commercial and industrial construction. In 1995, I decided to put that experience to work inspecting homes for buyers in the Southern California area. Then came hundreds of hours in seminars, classroom instruction and online courses in preparation for testing to become certified. For 22 years, I have inspected homes from Big Bear Lake to Ensenada, Mexico. Palm Springs, and beach cities.

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