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Why Not Go With the Lowest Price?

If you were buying a classic or exotic sports car for a quarter of a million dollars, you would certainly have a qualified mechanic inspect it. Would you have a kid from a Lube and Tune shop inspect it or would you find a specialist with years of experience with those types of automobiles?

Get Your Home Inspected by Sierra Spec

Why do any less for an equal valued property such as the home you are buying and may live in? You get what you pay for in inspections. Would you take the lowest price, just to save a few dollars on the inspection fee, and possibly miss something costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, or worse, being a life-threatening safety hazard? You would certainly want to contact a qualified, certified inspector, with many years of experience, in order to be totally informed of the condition of the home you are buying.

I have been in construction my whole adult life and have built dozens if not hundreds of houses. I have also done room additions, remodels and repairs on numerous homes. I have also had much experience in commercial and industrial construction, estimating and supervision. I decided, in 1995, to put that experience to work inspecting homes for buyers in the Southern California area. Then came hundreds of hours in seminars, classroom instruction and online courses in preparation for testing to become certified. From my base in Temecula of 22 years, I have inspected homes from Big Bear Lake to Ensenada, Mexico. From Palm Springs to the beach communities.

While not the lowest price, you will certainly get the best home inspection possible. Call me today for a fair price quote at: (951) 760-6140